Catrice: The Best Drugstore Brand for Foundation

I know that’s a big statement to make, that catrice cosmetics are the vest brand out there in the drugstore when it comes to foundation. But it’s a statement I stick by until I’ve tried something that is better. I’ve tried 2 of Catrices’ foundations and both of them I have loved but there is one in particular that I want to talk about and do a little review of.

So I don’t wear foundation often, in fact, I might wear it once a week on the Saturday if I feel like it but for the most part, I tend to just wear concealer if I do wear any makeup at all. 
But this foundation has restored my beliefs that there is a foundation out there that I will actually like wearing that makes me feel like I’m wearing nothing. I have very oily skin, especially in the Summer, it seems to get even oilier! So for me, its so important to find a foundation that blends into my skin and doesn’t just sit on it, as if it does, it will come off in a matter of hours. I also can’t have a foundation that has oils in it, for obvious reasons and you would be surprised how much that narrows down how many options you have. 

Matte foundations are always my go to when it comes to a foundation I want to stay put all day and night. I’m not one to top up my makeup throughout the day so I really do put the foundations to the test! 

Consistency & Application

This foundation is quite liquidy compared to others in the market, even pouring it on your hand/face you have to make sure you work quick before it starts moving around, once you start to blend it, it sinks and settles into your skin so easily and looks like a second skin. It doesn’t feel cakey or heavy, it feels like there’s nothing there. I tend to apply mine with a dense foundation brush as I just think that they apply better than sponges but I’m sure it would work just as well either way.


Coverage wise, its definitely not light coverage but I don’t know whether I would say it is medium or full. I usually go for a medium coverage foundation as I don’t tend to be a fan of full coverage foundations on me. I do however think that this foundation has more coverage than your average drugstore medium coverage foundations. Either way, it covers what it needs to and I have been using less concealer as I feel the foundation does a great job on its own!


So as it says it is a 24 hour wear foundation, I had high hopes for this one. And I’m sure my oily skin put it to the test. I wore this foundation a lot to test it out but what really put it to the test was going to a concert that was indoors with very little ventilation, in 25 degree heat with 13,000. Surely that’s a pretty good test to see if it will survive. And to be completely honest with you, I was very surprised with how well it did. The only place that it gqd budged was my nose and that was provably my fault for rubbing it. But I do find that foundations do tend to rub off my nose first before anywhere else. So overall, I had it on from 9:00 in the morning till 01:30 the next morning, so even though it wasn’t 24 hours it was say to say that it lasted pretty well under a hot of heat for 16.5 hours, that’s prwety good!


This is what I love about drugstore foundations, you can never or I supposed very rarely be shocked with the price. They never tend to me more than €16 but even then I think that is a bit over priced. I’ve been seeing that L’Oreal are getting more and more expensive but that’s a chat for another day. This foundation retails for €7.95! I mean how can you go wrong with that, you have to give it a try!

Where to buy

You can buy it online I’m pretty sure at but you can also pock it up in Primary/Penney’s and also local pharmacies tend to have them stocked.
That’s it for today’s post but I hope you all enjoyed it, I’m off to catch up on Love Island now as I’ve been meaning to catch up for a while, let me know your thoughts on catrice cosmetics if you’ve ever tried them and also your thoughts on Love Island if you are watching it. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,