Getting into Fitness, Do you really need the gym?

Getting back into fitness

Getting back into fitness can be so difficult when you’ve been out of it for a while. Trust me, I know just how hard it can be to finally get the motivation to get yourself back on track. So I decided to make this post to help some people out when trying to get back into the swing of things. I wrote a post a while back about keeping motivated and on track once you’ve gotten into fitness so make sure to give that a read too!

I have been going to the gym a lot but since starting a new job I have let it slack a lot while putting other things first. Of course that is not a bad thing. There are always going to be times in your life when other things need to be put to the forefront and training/fitness may need to be put on the back burner. But Once life starts to come together and the time comes back for you to be able to focus, it’s important not to put things on the long finger, as I’ve figured out, the longer you do that, the harder it actually is to get back into it!

Getting Back into Fitness

Do you need the gym?

Joining the gym is not a necessity either. When I first lost weight in my teens, I couldn’t afford to go to the gym so I made the most of what I had at home. Working out to YouTube videos is a lot harder and more beneficial than people might think.  Don’t get bogged down and think that your journey will be harder just because you don’t go to the gym as that is not the case. I got to where I wanted to be by not stepping foot in the gym but focusing on working out often at home and eating healthily.

Doing it the RIGHT way!

That leads me to my next point. You may have heard that losing weight is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise. To some extent I do think that is true. After all, losing weight is all about calories in versus calories out. If you are consuming high calorie foods whilst exercising, even if you are exercising hard, you will find it very hard to lose weight as you are consuming so many calories. Eating smaller portions of those foods even if they aren’t the healthiest will be the start to make such a difference.

Taking things slow when getting back into fitness and training is important. It’s important not to rush into it and to change things within your life slowly. If you do change too much of your diet too quickly, you will find that you will binge or find it extremely difficult to curb your craving for everything you’ve changed all at once. That’s why I always take it slowly and have always found the best results from diong so. The first thing I like to start with us changing up my drinking habits. For me fizzy drinks is always an issue when I fall of the healthy wagon. I get addicted to coke/Pepsi so quickly so switching it out for water and drinking lots of it, helps to curb my sweet craving and also stops me from snacking on unhealthy foods throughout the day. Its definitely worth a go and works wonders for your skin.

I’m going to be doing these posts weekly on my blog. Its important to talk about our health, whether that be mental or physical. Its important to continue to learn more about yourself and to better both your physical and mental health. So if you have any posts or topics you’d like me to chat about or address leave them below and I will get back to you asap! Don’t forget to read my other fitness post here. See you in my next post.

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