5 Places on my Travel Bucket List

I seen this idea on Brookes blog (brookeclarke.com) and I thought it was such a good idea to share some of the places that I would love to go and visit one day. Maybe I can come back in a few years time and tell you all my thoughts on them when I end up going, (there’s a dream for you). Anyway, I chose to do five as I don’t want this post to go on for too long so lets get started.


1. Croatia

bucket list Croatia

I mean look at those photos? How beautiful is this country. It’s one place that both myself and my boyfriend have wanted to visit for a while now and hopefully one day we will be able to visit it together. It’s a country that is perfect for people that love a good adventure and a holiday filled with days out and site seeing and of course has a good nightlife to go along with it. Its not too expensive either which is always a plus!


2. Italy

Now when I say Italy, I’m really talking about a particular place in Italy that I think looks amazing, Lake Garda. Italy is one country that I always wanted to visit when I was little but my family loved Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands too much for us to go anywhere else. So it’s up to me as an adult to hop on a plane and visit it. It honestly looks amazing and part of me is afraid to see it incase it doesn’t reach my expectations after all these years of wanting to go to it.


3. Greece

I think we all want to go here don’t we. I’ve seen so many people go to Santorini and never have I heard a bad thing about it. It just looks so beautiful, the scenery is something that you wouldn’t find in a lot of other areas around the world. Its so pretty you could just look at it all day!


4. Houston, Texas


Texas is a new enough place that I’ve wanted to visit. I had never really thought of it before my boyfriend showed it t to me and I’ve got to say, there’s not much about that place that I don’t like. I know everyone when talking about America is going to go for the usual New York, California or Florida but I’m not really interested in those areas so if I was to visit America it would definitely be Texas.


5. Nepals

Not going to lie this one is a little random. I’m drawing a blank on the fifth place I’d like to see and when I was searching online I came across this place and thought it looked so pretty and completely different to the other places that I’ve mentioned in this post. It would be such an amazing adventure to see a different culture.


So that’s it for this post, I hope you guys enjoyed it! Let me know what your bucket list of countries are and if you’ve been to any that I’ve mentioned and your thoughts if you have. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,