Setting September Goals & August Round-up

It’s been a long time since I did a round up of a month and set goals for the coming month. The last year of my life has been all over the place for me and I’ve been finding it hard to give the time to set goals and really focus on them. But in recent days, I have been able to feel a little bit more on track with life and so here I am, getting back into setting some goals and sharing with you a bit of my life from the month of August.

August Round-up

So let’s start with just that, the month of August. I’m not going to lie, it started off so good and ended so bad… My sister got married at the start of August and announced that she and her husband will be having a baby early next year. Which is super exciting as I will be an aunty and I can’t wait! A week after the wedding, myself and a lot of others in work found out some bad news that was very disappointing. It was something we couldn’t control and wasn’t down to any of our actions so you can image how annoying and helpless it made us feel. A week after finding out that bad news my aunty passed away suddenly so as you can imagine, my life was a bit all over the place after that. It is only now that I am able to really sit down and focus as my mind has been away with me the last while for a lot of reasons that I won’t really go into right now.

I had set myself some mini goals for the month of August before it became hectic and before a lot of things changed but I did manage to reach some of them so I thought I would still add them in here:

Twitter- Reach 700 followers

Twitter was a social media platform that I had but wouldn’t really pay much attention to and definitely wasn’t as active as I should have been. So this month I decided to change that, after being stuck on 500 followers for so long and not interacting with anyone. I decided to take advantage of any extra time I had to focus on growing my Twitter. I took part in blogger chats and threads and interacted with other bloggers and WOW did I see the effects from it! In just over 2 weeks, I gained over 200 followers which is insane to me. I know 700 is still a small number but for it to grow so quickly, I should have been doing it a lot sooner!

Start Blogging Again & Create A Schedule

This month I really wanted to get on top of all the blogging admin and writing that I had been meaning to do for such a long time. I am actually really proud of myself that I have made a schedule and segmented time towards my blog after work every evening. Yes it is very time consuming and running a blog takes a lot of effort, but it is definitely worth it in the long run.

Begin Getting Myself Out There and Contacting Brands Again

One thing I can be quite laid back about is getting myself out there and contacting brands. It is hard to find brands that will get back to smaller bloggers nowadays so spending time searching from them can be quite time consuming. But this month, I updated my media kit and contacted a few brands.

September Goals

September Goals

Like I was saying earlier, I don’t like to focus on the numbers when it comes to social media as it can never be seen what the future holds for them. Especially Instagram, that’s a lost cause for setting goals as you are more likely to lose followers than gain them so it’s better not to so that you don’t get disheartened. So some of my goals for the coming month are:

Posting Regularly on the Blog

I haven’t been doing too bad in this regard recently but I really want to spend the next month writing in advance for posts. It always makes me feel so organised and less stressed when I have a few posts ready to go out without having to worry about getting them out the next day when I’m writing them. Rushing posts like that can really hinder your creativity. When you are trying to post just for the sake of keeping to your schedule. I am keeping my usual schedule though which is twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays when I have a new blog post live for you all!

Focusing on Twitter

I want to continue to focus and interact on Twitter as its the one social media that I have seen so much interaction and engagement on. People are so friendly on there and really put the effort in to get together and chat. Ideally I would love to reach 800 followers by the end of the month but I won’t be disappointed if I don’t.

Instagram Stories

A lot of people say that their interaction and engagement from their followers on Instagram has come from posting regularly to their Instagram stories. I am yet to really put much effort into my Instagram stories as I never really have much to say. My life isn’t to interesting and whenever I do something interesting, I never remember to take my camera out to take some pictures and videos so I will definitely start to do that in the future!

Going to the Gym

If you guys have been following me on social media recently, you will know that I have recently gotten back into fitness and taking better care of myself. I’ve been going to the gym and I am determined that I go at least 3 times a week with 4 times being the real goal. I love going to the gym so this shouldn’t be too hard to do, it can just be fitting in the time to do it that is the hard part.

So that’s it for todays post. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments what some of your goals for the month of September are. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,