Fashion Trends Coming in This Autumn

I’m not a big follower of fashion trends, to be honest I tend to stay clear of them unless I love them so much that I have to give in and buy it. I thought it would be interesting to write about some of the trends that are coming around for Autumn this year, just as a bit of a chatty post!

Leopard Print

It’s everywhere! And to be honest with you guys, I can’t stand this trend. One thing I have never liked is anything leopard print. I don’t know what it is about it but I have never liked it. But I will say that there are certain people who do pull it off. You will 100% be seeing this everywhere this Autumn/Winter as I’ve been seeing it everywhere already. If you do like leopard print though, these boots are from Pretty Little Thing for €50 and you can pick them up here.

leopard print boots


Now this is a trend that I have been obsessed with for years! I have loved tartan since I was a teens and still find myself buying new tartan/check pieces every year. It’s just one of those trends that just never go out of style! No matter what shop you go into, online or instore, you will find so many tartan/check pieces. I know my wardrobe is full of more and more of them every year. You can check out this piece here.


This is a trend that I’ve seen once or twice before. It’s one of those trends that comes and goes and we will probably look back on it in years to come, saying what on earth were we thinking but for now a lot of people seem to be digging the look and on some people it does look pretty good! You can pick this dress up here.


Stripes is a trend that is around a long time and it’s one that can be incorporated into so many different looks. I love this trend. Although I only have a few pieces in my wardrobe that are striped. I adore them all and really need to invest in some more amazing pieces. Look how gorgeous this dress is! You can pick it up here.


This one is a big no from me. I mean, I like the whole idea of the cycling shorts under dresses as lets be real, if you have thick thighs, it can be a nightmare to wear dresses if you are doing a lot of walking, especially in the heat. So I completely get the need for them in that sense but to create a velour version? I’m sorry but I’m not here for that. I have never really liked that whole velour/velvet trend that was around a few years ago and I’m hoping people don’t catch on to the trend that seems to be on the way back around. But if it is your thing, you can find it here.


Who doesn’t love the leather trend. This suits nearly everyone if not everyone. Of course for different body types it needs to be worn in different ways but all in all it can be worn by anyone and can be styled up in so many different ways. I don’t know if I’d have the confidence to rock this dress but isn’t it beautiful! I mean the model pulls it off so well, it also comes in black too! You can pick it up here.

So they are all the trends that I am featuring in this post, I know there are so many more but I didn’t want to be going on forever listing them all. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments on what trends you are loving and what ones you will be staying clear of.  You can also check out my last fashion post here. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,