Social Media, Sometimes it’s Good to do a Declutter

Social media can either be a great place, a toxic place or a bit of both. I think it all depends on who you follow and who you allow into that space. There are times when my timeline can be a great place full of interaction and lovely people. Then there are times when it can be quite toxic or damaging to how you think. Social media or rather the people on it, can have the power to drag you down and create a negative space.

Social media declutter, love, Lauren Ellen

When it gets toxic

It’s quite easy to recognise when social media starts to turn toxic/negative. There have been many a time when I have clicked onto my social media to have a read and see nothing but negativity and complaining about this or that. Now I know we all have bad days and sometimes a good aul moan is just what we need but sometimes people take it too far and just constantly spend their time on social media, either complaining about their life or even complaining about others. Now this is not aimed at anyone as even when I’m writing this I can’t think of anyone in my timeline that does it. Timelines can get negative from time to time depending on what is going on in people’s lives and that’s understandable but it is when that negativity starts to impact your life that you have to take a step back and realise that you need to do a bit of a declutter of all that negativity.

Doing a declutter of your following is nothing personal about anyone. That is their personal space and if they like to spend it as a negative space then that’s fine. But if it is affecting your life then don’t be afraid to unfollow. If someone’s negativity is affecting you, there is nothing personal against that person, it is simply a clear out to make your space and feed a happy, positive place.

Hitting the unfollow button

Hitting that unfollow button can actually be harder than one might think. If that person follows you, you can be 99% sure that if you hit that unfollow button, they are going to unfollow you in turn, simply because you unfollowed them. Which is something that does bother me as it just feels like they weren’t following you for your content in the first place. Don’t take it as a personal attack when someone unfollows you. People change and therefore their interests change, times change along with people’s mindsets and what they might have liked when they first started following you, they might not anymore and that’s okay!

I think it can be quite easy to take an unfollowing personally or let it get to you and I think that is partly down to 1) how much the numbers seem to mean to people and 2) the fact that so many people play the “follow/unfollow” game. But at the end of the day, we shouldn’t feel obliged to follow someone just because they followed us. People like your content and you as a person and that is why they should follow you. Not to get a like/follow back but purely for your content.

Keeping it positive

Now in this post, I am just speaking personally as I like to keep my space on social media positive and with people that I interact with and am interested with. In recent times I have done a declutter of both my Instagram and Twitter and am no longer following people I don’t even remember following or recognise. In my opinion, I find social media a great place when you are following people you interact with and feel like you can chat to. A supportive community is always the best. So if you feel the same as me but are afraid to do a little declutter as you are afraid who will unfollow you, don’t be! If people are following you for the right reasons and if not then they were bound to unfollow you at some point anyway. The most important thing is to keep your spaced the way you want it and be happy.

I hope you guys liked this post or found it somewhat interesting. Let me know your thoughts in the comments and I’ll see you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,