Finding Your Style, But Do We Really Need One?

Feeling lost with your style…

To be honest with you guys, I have always found it hard to find my “style”. I think some people have such a distinct style and know exactly what they want to wear 100% of the time and that’s amazing for them but its just not the case for me. 

When I was younger I went through a bit of a grunger phase, constantly wearing dark close, liner on the eyes, band t-shirts, studded boots etc. I was never a true goth or grunger but it was definitely part of my style in the past. Over time that changed and I then used to wear only bright coloured clothes (I still can’t quite believe I did that but I did!). This leaves me to now, or rather the last few years as what I’ve been wearing hasn’t changed too much. But does that mean I’ve found my style? Personally I don’t think so. Here’s why…

Although, yes we all have a comfort zone and there are certain clothes that we might gravitate towards over others, that doesn’t mean that they are the clothes we have to wear as its our style. Time and time again I’ve seen girls like a certain piece of clothing but put it back on the shelves as they feel ‘it doesn’t quite fit in with my style’. Is that right? To limit ourselves from things we like as they don’t fit into a little box that is called our “style”.

So Do we Really need a “style”

Personally, and I think you can already gather that my answer to this question is a no. But let me explain my reasoning… Although, like I said above, we gravitate towards what makes us feel comfortable, I, like many others don’t have a style. I wear what I want. One day I will be wearing a stringy vest, pink tennis skirt and a cardigan, the next I’ll be wearing my studded boots and band t-shirts, black jeans and a leather jacket and the next I could be wearing a girly dress or tracksuit and a hoodie. It all depends on how I’m feeling, my outfit choices are very largely influenced by my moods. I don’t know if everyone is like that but that’s how I feel. On days when I might feel a little less confident, I’ll wear the all out black outfits. On  days when I am feeling confident, I’ll wear the girlier, brighter outfits. But you really could find me in 100% different pieces of clothing, I don’t keep to a box of dressing girly or dressing like a tomboy.  
I’m just me. I wear so many different styles and I don’t think I will ever choose one. Plus I don’t think anyone needs to!

Feeling Pressured to have a style

I remember when I was a teenager, I would look in my wardrobe and feel a bit all over the place as I had so many things in their that classed me to have so many different styles. I always felt so confused as to what my style was and why did I need to only wear grungy outfits when I wanted to dress more girly a certain day, or vice versa. I never quite understood why I needed to choose, but would always see people who had a “style”, whether that be people in my immediate/real life or online. Their instagram feeds seemlessly went together as their style never changed and they wore similar stuff all the time (which of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with) but it confused me and made me feel like I had to choose. And honestly, I refuse to! My style, is anything that I want to wear, I’m don’t fit into a box like people may like but I don’t, I just do me and wear what makes me feel good and what flatters my figure. If you feel the same, then just do you and rock it!

What are your thoughts on this topic? Did you ever feel pressured to have a style or have you in the past? Let me know in the comments, see you in my next post. 

Thank you for reading,