Why I don’t Follow Fitness Accounts

Fitness and health in general is something that I’ve been interested in for a few years now and that is why I like to take the time to continuously¬† keep myself educated on the topic. I see so many fitness accounts, whether that be people themselves within the fitness industry or those motivational pages that show the women you “should” aspire to look like (I’m using the word should very loosely there).

There is nothing wrong with following these accounts and if you are on a fitness journey they might even be of some benefit to you, to learn how to do an exercise a certain way or to find more exercises to work your glutes, arms, chest or abs, whatever it may be you’re working on. And in that sense those pages are good as they promote health but what they seem to lack, is the process it takes to get there. All theses accounts show are girls that look amazing but 90% of the time (not all), they miss out on what those girls looked like before and during their journey. Of course its amazing to see so many women get to their goals and feel comfortable in their skin but there is always a process to get there, I think a lot of accounts are lacking that.

Then there are the small minority of fitness accounts that I do follow, which aren’t really those accounts that are full of fit people but more the nutrition side of things to help keep me in a healthy mindset with my journey. We all have bad days or days when we feel like giving up and honestly on those days, those accounts can be very detrimental to your thoughts and will likely make you feel worse, whereas one of my favourite accounts (FashionFitnessFoodie) posts a lot of times and helpful chats about how to pick yourself up and keep going, saying its okay to have a bad day, or a few cheat days doesn’t mean you have to give up, pick yourself back up and keep going! That’s why I love Lucy’s account, its there to help, to motivate and to keep you going on the bad days. It’s also full of so much helpful information about food which helps to inform you.

So that’s it for todays post, let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on fitness accounts, do you find they motivate you? See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,