Why Educating Yourself After College is a Good Idea

Don’t get me wrong, you’re just after finishing college and the last thing you want to do is to hear about educating yourself even more, you thought that part of your life was over! I’m not here to disappoint but in life, you should never be done learning, you should always be trying to keep up with new technology or softwares/techniques or even keeping yourself up to date on what’s going on in your industry. Whatever it may be, it’s always a good idea to keep active when it comes to educating yourself.

Before I graduated college/university I took a course that gave me an extra certificate in digital marketing along with my bachelors degree that I received in May. Of course coming out of college I had a lot of interviews for positions within my chosen career (digital marketing/social media) and in every interview, they wanted to talk about this certificate and all seemed to be very impressed that I had that and a bachelors degree in marketing. It’s more valuable than you might think to have some extra knowledge that you have taken upon yourself to do. The course I undertook was a Google Garages certificate that you can find here if you would like to complete it too! It lasts for two years too, so you don’t have to worry about updating it for a while.


That leaves me with now. I have had a passion for graphic design for quite a while now and was hoping to do a short course in it this year but things got in the way so I’ve decided to take it upon myself to upskill myself in this area and learn more but taking part in online courses. In college we did a small amount of graphic design but nothing that would be near enough for me to actually know what I’m doing in that regard. So I’m starting from scratch but am very excited to up my skills and add graphic design to my portfolio.

No matter what it is that your career is, you can always educate yourself and keep yourself a step ahead of everyone else.  Let me know in the comments what you think of keeping yourself educated and if it’s something that you currently do. See you in my next post.

Thank you for reading,