How To Plan For a Successful Blog

Some of my favourite posts to read are ones that help me with my blog, help me to manage juggling all the different platforms or how to get my personality across. So for today’s blog post, I thought that I would share with you all, some of my tips for managing and planning your blog to help it be relatable to people and be consistent so that you find a routine with it. 

 I seen a post similar to this on New Lunes blog, she has been one of my favourite bloggers to read for years now! If you have yet to check her out, definitely do, she writes some amazing posts and has given me the inspiration to write today’s post.

Writing it Down, To Do List

Writing something down or creating a to do list is something that a lot of people find helps them to stay on top of everything that they need to get done. When it comes to work, I love creating to do lists as it really helps me keep on top of lots of tasks. Especially if you are working with different brands and need to get certain things up by a particular time. Writing them all down so that you can tick them off as you go can come in very handy for putting everything into perspective and making sure that you don’t forget anything.

Put Ideas into Motion

Whenever I have an idea for a blog post. Which majority of the time is in hte middle of the night when I am finding it hard to sleep. But I always make sure to either write them down or save them in the notepad on my phone to make sure that they are there when I come to sit down to actually write. You can find yourself having writers blog or just finding it difficult to come up with ideas sometimes when you sit down to write but having the ideas there in front of you that you can work on definitely helps!

Start a Calendar

Similar to a to do list. Having a calendar is a more long term method. You can plan blog posts, social media posts and more ona calendar. I like to use platforms like ContentCal to schedule social media posts and to also write down ideas for future blog posts for content that I would like to put out. It also comes in handy to see everything that needs to be done out in front of you and also in a time frame of when it needs to be completed by.

Bulk Photos

What I mean by bulk photos is, have a list of pictures that you need to take, either for social media, your blog or both. Taking a few hours to take photos for the weeks content ahead means that you will spend less time in the long run taking and editing photos. Getting it all done in one go if possible will mean that you will not have to think of it again and can schedule all your content to go out during the week. It leaves you with more time to write the content and edit if anything needs to be changed.

Read Other Blogs

Reading other blogs and getting inspiration is important. It can spark an idea within yourself that could become a successful post that people can relate to. Take notes of the blog posts you enjoyed reading. Come back to the list when you are looking for inspiration. If you have a different opinion than something that you read give your two sense on that! Either way it is a great way to keep ideas flowing.

Thank you for reading, I hope some of you found this post helpful. Let me know if you have any other tips that you find useful when blogging. See you in my next post.