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My Story With Migraines… An Update

Hello Everyone, You might remember a few weeks or even months ago that I published a blog post about my experience with migraines and how they've affected my life. Thank you all so much for the responses I received from that post, it was honestly overwhelming! It was so nice to see that other people… Continue reading My Story With Migraines… An Update


Thank you for 3,000 Followers! And Update

Hello Everyone, How long has it been since I did a little update?! Honestly I can't remember so I thought why not update you all on what's going on in my life but also what is going on with my blog in the future. But before I even start the update, I want to say… Continue reading Thank you for 3,000 Followers! And Update


Growing Your Instagram..

Hello Everyone, Having an instagram used to be all fun and games, it used to be something that people done for leisure just to show what they have been up to but those days are gone. Sometimes I just miss being able to put up an instagram picture with a couple of hashtags and then… Continue reading Growing Your Instagram..