Where will the future take me?

Hello Everyone, Some of you may know that I'm currently in my last year in college and am graduating next Summer. One thing everyone keeps telling me, is to think about the future and how I plan on taking my career once I graduate... Honestly, I'm nervous, I think it's quite a common feeling when… Continue reading Where will the future take me?


Study Tips For Uni/College

Hello Everyone, It's that time of year again that all us college students dread! Exam time, but here are some tips that I've found helpful over the years..   Create a Study Plan You may not stick to it 100% but you will find that it helps you organise to know what you have to… Continue reading Study Tips For Uni/College


College/Uni Room Decor Ideas

Hello Everyone, So I know a lot of you are heading back to college now and will be planning on decorating your rooms to make you feel more at home. I thought it would be a good idea to share some ideas on how to decorate your rooms without changing anything around or costing you… Continue reading College/Uni Room Decor Ideas


College/University Tips

Hello Everyone, So it's that time of year again when we are all getting ready to go back to school and college. So in today's post, I thought that I would share with you some tips that I have learned in the last three years of college. I am currently on placement so I won't… Continue reading College/University Tips


Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer Review

Hello Everyone, Concealer is something that I find an "essential" for makeup for me, if I can call it that. But for me finding one that is light enough can be a bit of a struggle but luckily it has become easier in recent years. When I am doing my makeup for a normal day… Continue reading Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer Review