I Went Shopping… Again

I know, I know, I really need to stop shopping and start saving. In fairness, I'm not doing to bad in either regard, but lately I have been treating myself to bits that I've been eyeing up for a while but never ended picking up. I purchased all these items on the week of Black… Continue reading I Went Shopping… Again


Makeup Wishlist No.3

Are we ready for a 3rd makeup wishlist. I feel like at this time of year so much makeup comes out that I've been meaning to do another makeup wishlist. To be honest though I probably won't pick much of this stuff up as I'm currently trying to save but I thought I would share… Continue reading Makeup Wishlist No.3


Gift Guide For The Men In Your Life

My second gift guide of the year! I know that buying presents for men is the one I really struggle with, women tend to be a lot easier as you have an idea, whether it be makeup, skin care, clothes, shoes, handbags, there's nearly always a guarantee that you will find something that they will… Continue reading Gift Guide For The Men In Your Life

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My Story With Migraines… An Update

Hello Everyone, You might remember a few weeks or even months ago that I published a blog post about my experience with migraines and how they've affected my life. Thank you all so much for the responses I received from that post, it was honestly overwhelming! It was so nice to see that other people… Continue reading My Story With Migraines… An Update


What I’ve Been Watching-October

Hello Everyone, So it's the end of another month, which is again after flying by! To think there are just over 2 months left in this year is just insane! But like the end of every month, it's time for another what I've been watching post. I have been doing these posts for a few… Continue reading What I’ve Been Watching-October