Starting A Healthy Lifestyle, Are You In?

Hello Everyone, So this post is a little bit different but I thought that it would be fun to go on this journey with you all. So I've decided that I am going to be posting fitness and health posts at least twice a month, where I will post tips and tricks, workout information such… Continue reading Starting A Healthy Lifestyle, Are You In?


1000 Followers + A Surprise!

Hello Everyone, I woke up this morning to 1000 followers on my blog and I can't thank you all enough for joining me on this journey and being part of this blog family we've made! I started this blog over a year ago but it is only since January I have been posting every week… Continue reading 1000 Followers + A Surprise!


Lets get Bikini Ready!

Hello Everyone, I have previously done posts like this but seeing as there is a heatwave going on in Ireland and the UK, I thought it would be the perfect them to show some great bikinis that are out at the minute for anyone that is on the look out for some! As always, I… Continue reading Lets get Bikini Ready!


Life… What comes next?

Hello Everyone, When I sat down to write today's post, I had no idea what I was going to write, I had no ideas about any tips that I could share, my mind was blank... So I'm sitting here thinking about life, now I'm not going to give you tips on how to live your… Continue reading Life… What comes next?


My Penney’s Finds

Hello Everyone, Todays post is a really quick post about some of the new things I have purchased from Penneys recently. I am a big fan of Penneys but sometimes it is hard to find things that you like, but when I popped in there recently I found so many things for the summer that… Continue reading My Penney’s Finds


I Bought a Domain!

Hello Everyone, I know I don't usually post on a Sunday but I had to do a little update post for you all! So seeing as I am getting close to 1000 followers on my blog, I thought it was about time that I purchased a domain to really set my blog up and be… Continue reading I Bought a Domain!

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Award: One Lovely Blog

Hello Everyone, I haven't posted an award in a while but I recently got nominated to do the lovely blog award by The Typical Beauty Blog. If you don't know her or haven't checked her out you definitely should! I love her skinlovin' Sunday posts, they are always full of amazing information when it comes to skin… Continue reading Award: One Lovely Blog


The Benefits of Drinking Water

Hello Everyone, So today's post is all about water. You will hear all the time that you need to drink lots of water but do we all really know why. If you are losing weight or have been in the past. Whenever you ask anyone whats important when doing so they always say drinking lots… Continue reading The Benefits of Drinking Water


Cocoabrown Ice Goddess Oil Review

Hello Everyone, So I've posted pictures of the Cocoabrown Ice Goddess oil when I picked them up and told you guys I would be doing a review and it is finally here. I was so excited to try this as I've heard so many good things about the original that I really had high hopes… Continue reading Cocoabrown Ice Goddess Oil Review