My Favourite Things About Blogging

Hello Everyone, There are lots of things I love about blogging and today I thought I would share some of them with you. Have been blogging properly (by properly I just mean regularly) since January and my blog has grown so much since! I have been loving every single minute of blogging since I started… Continue reading My Favourite Things About Blogging


Summer Date Night Picks #1

Hello Everyone, So its been a while since I've done an post picking out my favourite outfits I've found on online stores. I thought this week I would bring them back and start by showing you some of my favourite summer date night outfits from Missguided. I thought I would start with Missguided as it… Continue reading Summer Date Night Picks #1

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The Jumper Dress Trend

Hello Everyone, I feel like its been too long since I did my last fashion trend post so I decided to bring them back today and focus on a trend that has been everywhere over the Winter season. Personally jumper dresses don't suit my body type as they are too baggy and make my chest… Continue reading The Jumper Dress Trend