College/Uni Room Decor Ideas

Hello Everyone, So I know a lot of you are heading back to college now and will be planning on decorating your rooms to make you feel more at home. I thought it would be a good idea to share some ideas on how to decorate your rooms without changing anything around or costing you… Continue reading College/Uni Room Decor Ideas

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Valentines Outfit Ideas (Boohoo)

Hello Everyone, So the last part of this Valentines series is out and it is Boohoo that is the last brand that I chose and then it is back to the beauty and makeup posts as I think I've been bombarding you all with Β fashion and outfit ideas posts lately. I am hoping at some… Continue reading Valentines Outfit Ideas (Boohoo)

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The Jumper Dress Trend

Hello Everyone, I feel like its been too long since I did my last fashion trend post so I decided to bring them back today and focus on a trend that has been everywhere over the Winter season. Personally jumper dresses don't suit my body type as they are too baggy and make my chest… Continue reading The Jumper Dress Trend


W7 Loose Banana Powder Review

Hello Everyone, I have been on the hunt for a loose powder for a whole now, it is surprising how many loose powders are out there that oxidize  so much once they are given a few minutes to set. Of course it is normal and expected that makeup will oxidize a little bit from the… Continue reading W7 Loose Banana Powder Review


Favourite Mascaras 2017

Hello Everyone, Finding mascaras that work well are hard to find at times but finally I have found three that work so well to give me the long fluttery lashes I desire, without the need for any false lashes. Don't get me wrong, if I am going on a night out with friendd and I… Continue reading Favourite Mascaras 2017